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AHS Reunion Highlights
Reunion Photos 4

The photos you see here were all taken by Marcos Lopez, Margie Shima or Karen Tanaka. If you have any more photos you'de like to add... PLEASE contact me.


Renee & her husband David Sams. You can catch Renee Sams on Channel 5 news.


Ruben Fernandez and wife Guadalupe with Sara Guerrero and her husband Raymond.


Gorgeous Sherri Law with her husband Gary Smith. Also Ceasar Jacques (Joann's hubby) and Dr. Ignacio Zarate.


Karen Tanaka with Tim Ballard who came all the way from Lafayette, CO. Tim is such a nice guy!


Claire Overholt and Renee Kenneth with mystery man Rick Hemerick.


Sara Guerrero and her husband Raymond Nunez looking like a million bucks.


Laurie Salt and her husband Rick Slater joined us all the way from Plano, TX. Thanks so much for coming!


High School Sweethearts - Tina Casteneda and hubby Anthony Arce. They have 5 children now...WOW!

Ronda Foland, John Russo and Margie Shima

Ronda Foland, John Russo and Margie Shima having a good ol' time.


Again we find Marcos Lopez with two more women...Sara and Joann


Tina Casteneda, Deanna Fiantago, Brenda Thomas, Lori Hoehn, Karen Tanaka and Margie Shima all dressed in black.


Tom Ewell and Joy stop playing craps long enough to pose for the camera.