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AHS Reunion Highlights

October 19, 2001 - Outdoor Bar at Downtown Disney

The photos you see here were all taken by Margie Shima or Karen Tanaka. If you have any more photos you'de like to add... PLEASE contact me.

group bar

Brenda Thomas, Mercedes Chapa, Jack Woodring, Deanna Fiantago, Joann Corona, Linda Thomas, & Jerry Woodring


Drew Caples, Joann Corona & John Russo

Eddie Jerry Bobby

Eddie Gorton, Jerry Lowe and Bobby Canady.


Dr. Patrick Yoshikane and his fiance Marisela.

BobbyShaffer/Angela Dutton

CHEERS! Bobbi Schaffer and Angela Dutton having a good time catching up on the past.


Larry Heinz & Andrew Boxley


Dr. Ignacio Zarate and his wife Kristine.


Tom Ewell and Joy having fun at the scene.