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AHS Reunion Highlights

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October 20, 2001-Crown Plaza Hotel

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Group shot

FRONT ROW: Debbie Huven, Jim Joseph, Colleen Juszczak, Jack Woodring, Brenda Bell, Anthony Arce, Patrick Yoshikane 2nd ROW: Leonard Bacani, Lori Hoehn 3rd ROW: John Gerace, Eddie Gorton, Leslie (Gobbie) Garabedian, Margie Shima, Brenda Thomas, John Russo, Karen Tanaka, Joann Corona, Cheri Bourdeau, Kere Duquette, Melissa Russell, Jerry Woodring, Lora Crawford, Tina Casteneda 4th ROW: Patty McLaughlin, Drew Caples, Deanna Fiantago, Randy Oldaker, Eileen Nelson, Jesse Adkins, Sera Guerrero, Claire Overholt, Renee Kenneth 5th ROW: Sherri Law, Nancy Pietrok, Luanne Anderson, Angela Dutton, Marie Faul, Ignacio Zarate, Marcos Lopez, Rick Hemerick, Rudy Ramirez, Bobby Canady, Tom Ewell, Andrew Boxley, Lanny Booher, Jerry Lowe 6th ROW: Gregg Palombo, Marie Faul, Bob Lunny, Tim Ballard, Brian Kelly, Bruce Eliason, Mike Colicchio BACK ROW: Matt Palmer, Ruben Fernandez, Reggie Saldana, Larry Heinz MISSING: Jamie Okamoto, Mike Lae, Ivan (Fernando) Rosas, Julie Filadelphia, Sue Ryan, Laurie Salt, Ronda Foland

20 Year Reunion Committee


John Russo and his girls... Leslie (Gobbie Garabedian) Bouchard, Margie (Shima) Walsh and Karen (Tanaka) Uyematsu

Special thanks to Jamie (Okamoto) Hand for help, input and "In Memory" Collage, Jim Joseph for Contact Website and Renee (Kenneth) Sams for a fantastic Commemorative Video.

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The Anaheim High School Class of '81 - 20 Year Reunion was a huge success. Although we were hoping for 150 attendants we had approximately 125 due to the 9/11 Terrorist attacks. If you were brave enough to travel from afar... we know you had an excellent time and hope you got a great rate on your flight. The night began at 6pm and the last ones to leave were at 1:30am. That still wasn't enough time to catch up with everyone if you can believe it! The buffet dinner was absolutely delicious and plentiful, the Casino Night a big hit, and the Memory Video was incredibly entertaining. We have received so many positive emails and phone calls from so many of you that a 25 Year Reunion is eminent. Please stay on and we will be in touch with you in 2006! Until then, take care! - AHS Class of '81 Reunion Committee

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